study of liner wear in ag mills

Many cases rubber components are best suited for specific areas in AG and SAG mills. We supplied complete rubber linings in some of the largest ball mills. We have supplied Rubber Liners for more than 100 mills worldwide. Our Experience: 13 Year Experience in Heat-resistant Steel Field; 18 Year Expertise in Wear-resistant Material Field

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Brunswick Mine SAG Mill Liner Design and Wear

Jan 01, 2003 This paper discusses the original liner design for the bi-directional AG/SAG mill, observed liner wear, subsequent liner design modifications, and benefits. The mill liners consist of steel top hat shell liners, steel end liners, rubber grates and rubber lined pulp lifters.Lifter profile and plate thickness measurements were made on monthly ... Learn More

Modification of SAG mill liner shape based on 3 D liner

May 16, 2009 The common wear rate determination method is to assume uniform wear profile for a liner and measure the profile at one cross section. But it has been shown that the wear profile of the liner is not uniform (Banisi and Hadizadeh, 2006).Thus, a new method was proposed and tested which measures the wear profile through building a 3-D model of liners after any given operating time. Learn More

Multi level DEM study on liner wear in tumbling mills for

Liner wear is one of the major problems for the design and maintaining of the tumbling mills and an effective and efficient numerical approach can significantly reduce the cost for studying liner wear. To obtain an engineering level approach, a coarse grain level wear model is proposed in this paper. A multi-level study on the […] Learn More

Numerical prediction of wear in SAG mills based on DEM

Apr 15, 2018 In this paper, the SIEM is combined with DEM to predict liner wear within a SAG mill for the first time. The approach is quantitively validated against the experimental data reported by other researchers [6,64]. The effects of the rotation speed and lifter shape on wear of the liners within the SAG mills are obtained and analyzed. Learn More

Influence of particle shape on liner wear in tumbling

Tumbling mills are widely used in industry. Liner wear of the mills, which is due to the impacts of the non-spherical ore particles, can significantly affect the availability. In this research, the discrete element method (DEM) was used to predict the particle motions within the tumbling mills. Combined with the Shear Impact Energy Model (SIEM), which is […] Learn More

PDF Prediction of Wear of Mill Lifters Using Discrete

As an example, let us consider the simulation of AG mill polymet liner wear. The description of combining wear mechanism with DEM program to simulate mill liner wear … Learn More

Mill Liners ME Elecmetal 183 Global Presence and Distribution

Our wear parts are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, traceability and delivery, ensuring high levels of reliability for our customers. Also, our wear parts add value to customers’ processes through customized designs. SAG/AG mills: • Integrated and/or plate and lifter designs for head and shell liners… Learn More

Changing sag mill liners type from Hi Low to Hi Hi at

helps understand charge motion in SAG mills for the given liner designs and lifters, ball size and rock properties, and mill operating conditions. Based on the success of the 2-D model of the SAG mill, the 3-D model in DEM was developed. These types of models could help study charge motion, power draw, liners wear, and energy draft Learn More

Customized comminution CIM

Dec 11, 2018 Nordell and Powell use the Discrete Element Method (DEM) to generate detailed simulations of the wear on the liners and the interactions between the steel balls and the rocks being crushed. Nordell first applied DEM modelling to mill liner wear on two AG mills at the Palabora copper mine in South Africa’s Limpopo Province in the mid-1990s. Learn More

3 D liner wear profile measurement and analysis in

Feb 01, 2007 The liners of the first half of the mill from the feed end showed more wear (19.1 g/t) compared to that of the second half (17.1 g/t). Due to the non-uniform wear profile, the liner removal time calculated based on the lifter heights could be very different. The difference between removal times could be up to 1.3-fold. Learn More

Study of the influence of liner wear on the load behaviour

Mar 28, 2008 We study the influence of the liner wear and liner modification on the load behaviour in terms of position of shoulder and toe, power draw, and impact energy spectra. The results found improve our understanding on the grinding process in that particular mill as a function of liner wear … Learn More

Evolution of AG mill shell liner design at Gol E Gohar

In order to arrive at a uniform wear profile, a new liner design was proposed. Installing the second liner design in AG mill No. 1 and converting it to SAG mill increased the mill throughput by 18% (from 413 to 489 t/h), while the liner life showed a 7% increase. Measurement of the wear profiles of the second liner set indicate that the maximum wear occurs in the centre of the mill. Learn More

SAG Mill Liner Design Mineral Processing amp Metallurgy

Jun 06, 2016 End and shell liner design in these mills is much the same as for SAG mills. The effect of liner design on performance is equally as important. For instance, in an iron ore operation using 6.4 m (21 ft.) mills, mill throughput was increased by 15 percent and power consumption reduced by 13 percent by liner redesign alone. Generally in FAG mills more cascade action is desired, so lift is increased by 25 … Learn More

Polycorp Services

Study of slurry flow from SAG/AG mills for slurry pool or slurry flow back issues for mill throughput improvement. Study of slurry flow from grates to improve the grate wear life. We simulate and study the material trajectories to determine charge motion inside the mill to improve material grind quality, liner … Learn More

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